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An inclined plane is a simple machine. An inclined plane is a ramp used to reduce the effort needed to raise or lower an object over a vertical height.

It is easier to climb stairs to get to a second floor than to climb straight up a rope. It is easier to walk up a long, gentle hill than to climb up a short, steep hill.

The following are examples of inclined planes:

  • Loading ramp

  • Stairs or wheelchair ramp
  • Mountain road
  • Threaded screw.

The ancient Egyptians used inclined planes, or ramps, to move huge blocks of stone to build the pyramids.

Ramp_inclined_plane Ramp

wheelchair_inclined_plane Wheel Chair Ramp

screw_inclined_planeMountain Road & Screw

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Professor Beaker's Learning Lab about Inclined Planes: Simple Machines

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